GFI not connected to Active Directory

I have two servers one is sbs2003 with exchange, the other server 2003 running GFI Fax maker.

In faxmaker configuration I show" an error has occured connecting to active directory..."

Any thoughts?
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zwig2002Author Commented:
Great info, but I was able to resolve this by using another domain admin and running the service as that admin.
Glen KnightCommented:
A couple of things to check:

> make sure the time and date on both servers is the same
> check the faxmaker server has the SBS Servers IP address in the DNS Configuration of the network card and no other entries.
> check the advanced properties of the TCP/IP on the faxmaker server and make sure it has your internal domain name in the DNS suffix box at the bottom.
> check the SBS server only has it's own IP address on the DNS configuration and no others(if you change this restart the NETLOGON service.
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