Sendmail - FreeBSD Specifying Where Incoming Mail Is Stored

I'm using FreeBSD (7.x) and Sendmail as the MTA. (ProcMail is also used to parse SPAM)

I recently noticed/discovered that MY mail is stored inside my $HOME folder, filename mbox.

Then I noticed others mail is stored (and left) in the folder /var/mail/$USERID.

Where is it that I specify where the incoming mail is stored? and/or how could mine be different?

This might be a little vague, I hope I explained my situation well enough - and appreciate your help. A big motivator here is that my '/var' partition is getting VERY full whereas my '/usr' folder has plenty of space.

I've tried searching - I find a slew of "maybe" solutions, but it seems that nothing this specific.

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jghelfman40Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe the storage would be something that is tuned on the server side of the mta, however if you have a mua of some sort (or mua utility, such as procmail), you have the ability to control where your mail is "saved."

I know with mutt and procmail, you can do this, however I don't know about all mail user-agents or utilities. When you read mail with either of these two facilities, they would possibly attempt to write to an mbox file in your home directory.
BillFinkNCAuthor Commented:
I decided to make a SYMLINK from /var/mail -> /usr/mail ... I'm safe for another 100GBs.

Thanks for your input.
BillFinkNCAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input. (See below my solution.)
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