Raid flash drives

Has anyone set up a RAID array with USB Flash Drives.  I'm curious if its possible and if there is anything special that might need to be done?  I know these drives are pretty quick.

My thought was to perhaps do this on a system where USB Booting is allowed by the BIOS and then stripe the OS across a couple of equal sized flash sticks.
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I don't think your going to be able to boot an OS from a USB RAID set as I do not know of a USB RAID controller.
But you could use software RAID as this guy did ( the problem this guy had when trying this in XP was that the relevant RAID options were grayed out but I think this can be overcome by getting XP to see the flash drives as USB HDD's which this tool will do for you:

Good luck
alexianitAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  Looks a little more involved than I can currently handle.  But I hope to be able to play around with it, and the links, and pages linked from those, should prove useful.
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