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Problems Displaying Data with Windows Performance Monitor

I'm trying to set up logging of the %Processor Time Performance counter on Windows Vista x64.  I've set it up to capture this counter for all 4 cores on my machine plus the overall counter once every second.

I managed to set up the User Defined Collector Set.

The thing I find annoying is that you cannot view the report while you are collecting data.  It simply says "collecting data".  I find I have to stop the report and start another.  Is there a way around this?

The other thing I can't figure out is how to view the raw data in a table for each second.  When I choose "Report" from under the "Change Graph Type" button, I see just one row with one column for each counter that I'm displaying.  How can I see the table with one row for each second?

I'm using Perfmon 6.0.6002
1 Solution
sevzasAuthor Commented:
I played with perfmon for a while and here is what I determined:

- properties can be set at 3 levels: Data Collector Set, Data Collector and Data Manager.  Data Manager properties are accessible from "reports" and from "data collector sets"
- you can have more than one data collector per data collector set, although I'm not sure that the wizard supports that.
- There are 4 kinds of data collectors: Performance Counter monitor, Event Trace, Configuration, Performance Counter Alert.
- the type of log written to disk is set in the Data Collector properties.  Binary logs are loadable into perfmon, but only after data collection has stopped.  Tab and Comma delimited files can be viewed during collection and they contain the raw data I was seeking, but they cannot be loaded into perfmon.  As hard as I try I can't get the underlying data out of the raw files.  I can get a chart or summary statistics.  Maybe there is a tool out there that will do this for me.
- Raw log files can be saved in a "circular" fashion.  The "circular" setting on a data collector file is only available if you set up a max file size in the data collector set stop condition.  Circular files feature doesn't seem to work for tab and comma delimited, nor does it really make sense.

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