decrypt the data using DPAPI, data is a base64-encoded encrypted string - VB.Net

Posted on 2009-12-24
Last Modified: 2013-11-25

I need to decrypt my Password which is stored in the database based on the DPAPI - Base 64 Encoded Encrypt Method.

I have the code - My code is not working. I am not able to debug. This code is extracted from the successfully running project.

' decrypt the data using DPAPI, data is a base64-encoded encrypted string

        Public Shared Function Decrypt(ByVal data As String, ByVal store As Store) As String

            ' holds the result string

            Dim result As String = ""

            ' blobs used in the CryptUnprotectData call

            Dim inBlob As New Win32.DATA_BLOB

            Dim entropyBlob As New Win32.DATA_BLOB

            Dim outBlob As New Win32.DATA_BLOB


                ' setup flags passed to the CryptUnprotectData call

                Dim flags As Integer = Win32.CRYPTPROTECT_UI_FORBIDDEN Or _

                 CInt(IIf(store = store.Machine, Win32.CRYPTPROTECT_LOCAL_MACHINE, 0))

                ' the CryptUnprotectData works with a byte array, convert string data

                Dim bits As Byte() = Convert.FromBase64String(data)

                ' setup input blobs, the data to be decrypted and entropy blob

                SetBlobData(inBlob, bits)

                SetBlobData(entropyBlob, Consts.EntropyData)

                ' call the DPAPI function, returns true if successful and fills in the outBlob

                If Win32.CryptUnprotectData(inBlob, Nothing, entropyBlob, IntPtr.Zero, IntPtr.Zero, flags, outBlob) Then

                    Dim resultBits As Byte() = GetBlobData(outBlob)

                    If Not resultBits Is Nothing Then

                        result = ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetString(resultBits)

                    End If

                End If

            Catch ex As Exception

                ' an error occurred, return an empty string


                ' clean up

                If inBlob.pbData.ToInt32() <> 0 Then


                End If

                If entropyBlob.pbData.ToInt32() <> 0 Then


                End If

            End Try

            Return result

        End Function


 ' helper method that fills in a  DATA_BLOB, copies 

        ' data from managed to unmanaged memory

        Private Shared Sub SetBlobData(ByRef blob As Win32.DATA_BLOB, ByVal bits As Byte())

            blob.cbData = bits.Length

            blob.pbData = Marshal.AllocHGlobal(bits.Length)

            Marshal.Copy(bits, 0, blob.pbData, bits.Length)

        End Sub

        ' helper method that gets data from a DATA_BLOB, 

        ' copies data from unmanaged memory to managed

        Private Shared Function GetBlobData(ByRef blob As Win32.DATA_BLOB) As Byte()

            ' return an empty string if the blob is empty

            If blob.pbData.ToInt32() = 0 Then Return Nothing

            ' copy information from the blob

            Dim data(blob.cbData - 1) As Byte

            Marshal.Copy(blob.pbData, data, 0, blob.cbData)


            Return data

        End Function

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Question by:chokka
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    Author Comment

    I verified couple of links like this ..!

    Anyways, i will recheck it ..!

    My issue is that, I can Encrypt with my code..! But i am not able to Decrypt ..!

    Let me check with the links provided and update you shortly ..!


    Author Closing Comment


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