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I have a Reporting Services Report that I am trying to make look like a restaurant menu.  The way I want it to look is each menu item's description to be followed by a series of images, each one denoting attributes of the food (eg. healthy, new item, vegetarian friendly, etc)

It would look like this ([x],[y],[z] represent where the images would go:

Regular Burger [x] [z]             6.99
Big Bacon Burger [y] [z]         8.99
Veggie Burger [x] [y]              7.99

I have accomplished this using a table but I cant figure out how to add the images.  Obviously I could add them as columns, but this isnt what I want, I want the images to immediately follow the name of the food, which are all different lengths.  

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or ideas.
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mckoderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Use the table as you are doing already. But in the first column of the table, drag and drop a rectangle. Yes, you can drop a rectangle into a table cell. Now inside this rectangle you can freely arrange other items, such as a textbox for displaying the food name, followed by two images.

If you don't add a rectangle into the table cell then the table cell can only display one item. But if you add a rectangle then not only can you add multiple items, but you can also freely arrange the items within the table cell.
lofConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should use list rather than table. Then if you create very short text box which can expand horizontally and place image boxes just behind the textbox you will achieve what you want. The textbox will dynamically expand to accommodate your text and push the images to the right.

Than you can either dynamically hide images to select only those you need for the row
jdroger2Author Commented:
There are about 10 different attributes and theoretically they could add more, is there a way to have the image controls be a part of a table with a different dataset than the tablix I am in?
jdroger2Author Commented:
forget my last post I've decided to do the attributes statically, but now the issue is how to make the text box grow horizontally based on the text inside, I have cangrow and canshrink set to true but it still doesnt work.  when the content in the expression is larger than the width of the control, it just wraps to the next line, which I don't want.  
Unfortunately Reporting Services doesn't support "horizontal CanGrow". The CanGrow/CanShrink only supports vertical size. To avoid wrapping you'll have to make the textbox as wide as the largest content.
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