getting an error while opening the sql(oracle) command prompt?

Hi i am installed oracle 10g  in my system .and when i am trying to open my oracle command prompt window i am facing a problem like

Enter user-name : scott
Enter password  :tiger
ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error
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Ravi KallaTechnology LeadCommented:
got to
"ControlPannel -> AdministrativeTools -> Services"
in your XP/Vista Operating system.
Now, right click on each entry in the list that start with the name "oracle" and click "Start".

Now, try to reopen the command prompt and login. This should be working.

All the best.
Shaju KumbalathDeputy General Manager - ITCommented:

Check whether the Windows Service for Oracle is started properly
Check Oracle_SID parameter is set correctly in the registry
If u have multiple homes check TNS_ADMIN environment variable is set
Check File permission on the PC
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