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1. How do I download Google maps for my iphone so that I do not incur international roaming charges when going abroad?

2. Is there an offline web browser for the iphone that does what Internet Explorer [did] or does?

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akahanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can't download and store Google maps on the phone ahead of time to save yourself "realtime" data.   Before you go abroad, though, you could check with your phone company to see if they provide an international roaming plan.  ATT does this: it permits you to purchase, for example, 200MB of data as a block, for a much lower price than you would pay if you "pay as you go" when roaming.  You can turn this "on" for a month, or part of a month, if you are going to be traveling, and then turn it back off again when you return home so you don't pay for it when you don't need it.

Otherwise, you would want to be careful to avoid using GPS (which downloads map data in real time) and other download intensive applications EXCEPT when you're connected via WIFI.  You can turn off "data roaming"in Settings/General/Network, to avoid accidentally incurring charges for data while roaming abroad.

Handheld standalone GPS units are now so cheap (especially as compared to the costs of data roaming with the iPhone) you'd probably be better off buying/using one of those, if you're going to be needing to do a lot of GPS-based navigation while roaming.  

Here is how to disable your network connection and use the wifi network instead.


once disabled you should be able to use your wifi network for downloading avoiding the charges....

Hope this helps
hedgeselectAuthor Commented:
I dont think that will work.  The GPS mapping on the iphone works in real time right?  Can I then for example, download all of the google maps for Australia, UK etc, so that it is stored in my phone rather than wanting to access the 3G internet in real time and thereby incurring charges?
hedgeselectAuthor Commented:
Thanks, the comment I suppose was kind of obvious to me but I just wanted to check to see if anyone knew of a smart way of downloading it.  Still looking for an offline browser however.
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