Is it possible to sort Mail Rules in Outlook 2007

I recently moved to Outlook 2007 (after years of using Outlook Express) and still finding my way around it.

I have an elaborate system of mail rules, basically moves each email message to its respective sender's folder, I am up to some 40/50 rules that are "sorted" in the order in which I had entered them, it makes them increasingly difficult to maintain.

Is there any way I can sort those mail rules by name?


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yes, that is correct, you cannot re-sort...
The way they are sorted in Outlook 2007 is the order in which they are processed, this means it may pass by several rules, hit one and not continue to all subsequent rules....  It does not allow re-storing of this, you would change the processing order....

I know it can be painful but once you get use to the order based on rules and blocking further rules once something is hit is really beneficial....
jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
Thanks mate,

If I understand you correctly, the short answer is "no", I cannot re-sort them.

I am not concerned about processing order, as each rule is unique enough to work effectively, no matter where it sits., they all something like "if sender address is X move it to folder A". It becoming quite tedious to find a rule (or if there is one) to modify it. but I guess that I'll have to live with it.

jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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