roaming blackberry bes apn issues

i am currently in thailand using a  happy (dtac) sim... i am a tmobile subscriber in the us. i got the unlimited internet package and put in the apn and gprs settings. opera mini works fine but bb internet and my bes email do not? what do i have to  do to get them to sync over the dtac apn/ different sim
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ICaldwellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you will need to go back through the BES registration where you enter you BES username & Password into the phone.... This will require someone to have access to your BES server, you probably have an IT person at your company who sets up blackberries, you will need to ask them to reset your blackberry account and give you the new password for your account, this is a temporary password to setup you blackberry.....

Once you type in the e-mail and password into your phone it will take a few hours to completely set back up.....
you will have to re-register your BES on your phone, it will have to generate a new security key so it will work with the new SIM....
ambush276Author Commented:
what do i do to reregister... i do not have my computer with bb desktop??
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