Cannot install Adobe Elements 8 On Vista 64-bit

I downloaded a trial version o fAdobe Elements 8 but when I try to install it I get the message:

"The version of theis file is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Please check your computer's system information to see whether yo need an x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit) version of the program, and contact the software publisher"

The is noting (that I can see) on the Adobe site, I downloaded the file  (1.2 gig) a second time, just in case it was corrupted, disabled firewall, anti virus and DEP and non essential startup programs, I also tried to run the installation file in Windows XP compatibility mode -- all to no avail.

Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit (SP2 fully patched)
Intel Quad processor 2.33 GHz
Norton 360 installed

Any idea?

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You did start with a trial version of Adobe Elements.

Maybe a trial of Pinnacle Studio Ultimate version 14 would be something for you?

And if you like it, it costs about the same as Adobe Elements. Atleast here in Norway.
Maybe this sounds very obvious, but you did download the 64 bit version of Adobe Elements?? The error clearly states you have the wrong version..
You could off course stop any kind of virus scan you are running (stop the services, not the app this harldy ever works).
If non of this works and you do believe you downloaded the correct version, i would contact Adobe about this, might be they delivered the wrong application..
This is just a tip to try out.

1. Try running the setup as Administrator (Right-click setup file and choose Run as Administrator)

Please see this TechNote from Adobe. The title is "Premiere Elements Compatibility with Windows Vista"

The x64 version does not seem to be supported, but comptibility mode could work. Maybe you could try installing in Windows XP compatibility mode.
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jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
Thank you Rhandels and Nortorp.

Rhandels, there is only one download for Windows (in English), As to Norton, I will go a step further than you suggest, remove Norton altogether and see if that would resolve the problem -- I already have one unresolved issue (with Symantec) on this computer thus this might be another one, we'll see.

Nordtrope, I had seen that link, I was under the impression that it relates to the early days of Vista (perhaps even it Beta version) as I got that link through Microsoft Vista site that had a 2006 date on it, if I remember correctly -- In any event the problem is not being unable to run the program, I cannot even get that far.

I did tried to run the setup program in as Administrator in XP mode, no luck either.

jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
No luck installing with Norton removed.

As this is only a trial version, I think that I give it a miss altogether and look for another program, no point paying for something that might give me problems when I can get problems for free :-)

I need a relatively simple program to edit videos for my web site but I guess that would be a separate posting.

Thank you both for you help.

If you need a simple editor, you might want to check out VirtualDub (

You can edit and cut out pieces of the videos. It lack the functionality to save to MPEG-1 as this is a Microsoft licensed format.

And as many have complained about the Adobe Elements 64-bit on Vista, you might give this a try.
jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nordtorp,

I downloaded VirtualDub (64 bit version), it runs ok but I cannot get it to load any videos on my computer, including AVI's. Frankly I am not sure that I even fully understand the error messages as I am a complete novice when it comes to video editing.

My total experience with videos is a bit on Windows Movie makers, that I had not used for years because it could not handle (not so) large files and and a bit of "production" of DVD's on Nero.

That said, I'll reserve judgment until I have done some more homework on virtualDub and if/when I know what to ask I'll post a separate question.

jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
Thanks Nordtrop,

Good hint mate, I downloaded Pinnacle Studio Ultimate ver 14 and played with it a bit, it works well. The only thing that I picked is that it does not import flv files which is not a major issue for me because I can convert flv into a format Pinnacle read. Strangely enough, it generates flv files but not swf files, I think that I can live with it too, although my web editor (MS Expression Web 3) handles swf files but not flv files -- I will have to code flv files manually when I find out how.

I can always use YouTube or PhotoBucket but this is exactly what I don't want to do, if I can help it.

As a matter of interest, I had downloaded Corel StudioX2 trial version but i hangs on my computer during imports, so out it went.

I'll play with Pinnacle some more and, all going well, I'll buy it.

jyk_aus, I don't think FLV is that easy to edit as they are not really video files in that matter.

Here are some information on the subject:

How to Edit FLV Video Files

How to edit FLV files

And if you had Adobe Elements or Premiere you still had to install a plug-in to be able to convert FLVs to another format in order to edit them.

With VirtualDub, as you already have tried, you may convert FLVs to SWF or AVI and then edit them.

Good luck with your editing, I hope Pinnacle Studio will do what you want.
jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
I have no Need to edit flv files, other than perhaps joining them, which I can easily accomplish by coveting them to video file, and converting back. I still cannot load anything into VirtualDub, presumably because the plugins are not set or not set correctly but, as I said earlier, I leave it for now.

Let us call declare this question (about Elements 8) as answered. I really appreciate the time you took to help me, thank you very much indeed.

Best regards

jyk_ausAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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