cannot delete folders

Hello there,

i have some folders on my External HD which gets created everytime i install mssql server 2005 which is also on my HD. now i have around 4 of these folders on my HD.but cannot delete them,please help.

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Are these folders located on the root of your external drive? As in F:\UnDeletableFolder.

Do you have UAC activated? Try switching it of and see if you are able to delete them.

Here's how to do it:
1. Go to Start > Control Panel
2. User Accounts
3. User Accounts
4. Change User Account Control settings
5. Set it to Never notify
6. Click OK and reboot your computer
what are the paths of the folders.. what do they contain?
Do you get any error message when you try to delete them? Are you able to delete other files from the HD, or is it just those four files?
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zolfAuthor Commented:

it is on my External HD.i cannot open those folders.permission denied
zolfAuthor Commented:

it is only these four folders i cannot delete.i get error message you do not have permission
Try to right-click the folder, then choose Properties.

Go to the tab called Security, click Advanced. Go to the tab Owner and select your name/account. Click Apply and see if you now are able to delete the folders.

Another tip, you could backup all your data and format the hard drive. A little bit extreme, but it might help.
zolfAuthor Commented:

i still cannot delete it .

i installed unlocker but seems it is not compatible with windows 7 64 bit OS. i also tried suing windows 7 compatibility feature but no luck.

please help..
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