Batch processing with gimp on MAC


I have a few hundred megs of images with the following issues

1. Too large 2-5 meg each
2. Not standardised on names
3. all needs the same watermark

I need to make a portfolio for a photographer

Can I
ad 1) resize all landscape to x height and all portrait to x height (or do you have a better idea to make ceebox look as nice as possible)
ad 2) rename all so all spaces are - and all lower-case including the extension
ad 3) add a semi transparent watermark to each resized image - if so, I would appreciate details since I am not very proficient with gimp but that is what I have.

Thanks a bundle
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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertAsked:
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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertAuthor Commented:
Interesting - I will look.

How about renaming using regexp or something
On a pc I would do
dir /s *.jpg > rename.cmd
and then use my trusty PSPad or textpad to duplicate the columns and lowercase and change all spaces to -

While OS X does not facilitate batch renaming of files directly from the Finder, Apple does bundle several useful file renaming AppleScripts which you can access via the Script Menu. Scripts will execute against whatever files you have selected:

Add to File Names
Add to Folder Names
Change Case of Item Names
Replace Text in Item Names
Trim File Names
Trim Folder Names
In addition, OS X users can use Automator to quickly create a workflow that batch renames their files:

Select the files you wish to batch rename from the Finder
Control- or right-click on your selection
Choose Automator > Create Workflow. This will launch Automator and attach the files you have selected to a new workflow
Drag over the batch rename files action
Click Run
OS X also permits renaming of busy (in use) files. As soon as you rename an open file in the Finder and switch back to application it is open in, its name in the titlebar (and Save dialog) will adjust accordingly. Unfortunately, OS X lacks the ability to rename files/folders in any Open/Save dialogs, so taking advantage of this feature requires switching to the Finder, interrupting one's workflow.
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Michel PlungjanIT ExpertAuthor Commented:
erm... I need G++ and a compiler?

To do what?
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertAuthor Commented:
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertAuthor Commented:
so I so far use FileWrangler to rename the files
I still need to figure out how to install DBP :(
Michel PlungjanConnect With a Mentor IT ExpertAuthor Commented:
Okeee, iWatermark does the lot: watermarks, resizes and thumbnails
20 bucks well spent

Thanks for the help
Michel PlungjanIT ExpertAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the correct answer to my question - I went another way though
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