Need help searching "exact" words in outlook

Hello everyone,
i need to make many search on many mailboxes in my company. I need to make a search of like 100 different terms on like 30 users. Then i need to move my result to one pst file per user. I get some problem. Here is how i do for the moment :
1. I open the user mailbox in outlook (2003 or 2007 i get both version)
2. i make an advanced search and i input the 10 first words
3. i copy what i have found into a pst file, pt that is divided into search 1 -> to search 10 (each search is about 10 words).

Well i am in trouble, impossible to get exact match with or outlook 2003 or outlook 2007. my search terms look like :

"term1" OR "term2" OR "term3" ....

But then in a mail if i have a word that contains term1 or term2 or term3 it will match. I want it to match if it contains the exact word term1 or term2 or term3 not everything with term1 inside (exemple : i look for "short", shorter, shortest etc match, i want only short to match!). I have tried putting space before or after the word " term1 "  . I get the exact same result.

Do you know what is the best way to do my project ? I can buy any software if it really helps. I have acces to the command shell of our exchange server, but same issue, exporting data using filter make every word that contains my terms match.

I will really appreciate any help on this (any other method, how to search for exact word only in outlook, a software etc)


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Chris BottomleySoftware Quality Lead EngineerCommented:
In the advanced find box if you use the search keyword "phrase matches" it locks onto the specific phrase i.e. lock returns lock and NOT locked.

It should also be possible to implement the rerquireement via a macro toi take care of all the activity, (search and move) ... if required and allowed.

Hello tdwhelp,

>I can buy any software if it really helps
TRY Outlook 2010 :

You will get EXACT word results !

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