commit touch mouse pad registry setting

I try to change the behaviour of the touchpad from python.
I found (with registry workshop) the right key (current
However when I change the setting from python OR directly with regedit nothing happens.
When I change the setting on the appropiate tab with main.cpl it works like expected.
I need to tell windows 7 something like reread this part of the registry and apply the values,but how?
I only things I found so far (sorry exact syntax not at hand) is
1) put values in reg file and invoke regine from prompt 2) invoke from prompt rundll32, userdll...
Both did not work (no error messages).

Any idears.

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miauwAuthor Commented:
By now I already have found a working solution. It seems like some processes read the values from registry at startup and only reread the changed values when they are changed by themselves. The solution is to kill these processes (taskkill ... /f) then apply the registry changes. Then force Windows to reread them, then restart these processes.
Currently I am on holliday and I do not have the exact commands at hand. Ask me again in two weeks if you want details.
I consider this question solved..
This can possibly be related to virtualization of some folders, files, and registry keys.  The main reason probably is to make older application working somehow and protect the real information (here keys) when you do not have sufficient rights or when you use tools that are not trusted.  All this is done the transparent way (you do not know as a normal user that it happened).  It started from Windows Vista, as far as I know.

See for brief description.  You will find possibly some sound references at

See also official Microsoft documentation:
    Registry Virtualization in Windows Vista
    Registry Virtualization
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