Migration from Windows XP to Windows 7

I bought a new computer (Windows 7 Home Profession, 64 bit).  I installed the old hard drive(Windows XP) to the new machine.  I can see everything, but some XP apps run and some don't.
At this point, what is the best (<$) method to get the XP apps working?  Upgrade to Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate and run in XP mode or dual boot.  Will I have to resintall the apps?

Thanks in advance,

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use the disk2vhd utility
Convert your XP disk to a virtual one and use virtual pc within your windows 7 installation.
I would take a look at the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard, and see if it will help with the non-running programs, first.
Then think about a VM or dual-boot.


Your best bet at this point is to simply dual-boot.  This would give you the best utilization of your already configured XP drive.  If you dual boot from your current configuration you should be able to access all of your already installed programs on your XP drive.  
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You may be able to run XP Mode in Windows 7.  That is what I am doing.  It depends on your processor being enabled to handle a virtual environment.  "XP mode" runs under Windows 7 inside a virtual machine environment.  You can then run programs compatible with XP that aren't compatible with Window 7 32 or 64 bit.

MS has a tool that will check your machine for compatibility.  Step 2 on the following link.


Your XP installation is not going to work.Basically,you can only see the
files of the prior installation.
More complex programs will not work.
You will have to reinstall all the games once more.
labengerAuthor Commented:
Thanks all!
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