Windows 7 Default Playback Device Won't Save

I am having an issue with Windows 7 Enterprise that I am hoping to get some help for. I have a system with an integrated sound card. I have a standard set of PC speakers plugged into the rear 3.5MM jack. I have a set of headphones that I connect for gaming.

In the past I have initially set the PC speakers to be the default playback device, then plugged in the headphones and set that to be the default playback device so that when the headphones are unplugged, it reverts back to the speakers.

I recently did a reinstall of Windows 7, tried to go through this same process but Windows *REFUSES* to set the default playback device to the headphones. I open the playback devices area, set the heaphones to default, close it, open it back up and it is set back to the speakers. This is really annoying. Please help!
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Ledif_NiehtConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
They are Plantronics Gamecon 777 headphones. The connect via a USB dongle that allows them to fully utilize their 5.1 Surround Sound capabilities.

In either case, the issue resolved itself yesterday. Now I plug the USB dongle in, the default device gets set to the headphones, unplug it and it goes back to the speakers. Nothing changed in the enviornment so I am not sure why the change in behavior...
Frankly i don't see the problem per se. If your speakers are the default then when you plugin the headset, it becomes the default and so on.
Result is the same.  What's the purpose of the hangup?
The process you describe is an automatic process in which you do not have to set anything.
W7 detect headphones and switch automatically.When you unplug them it switches back
to speakers.Why are you setting something up that needs no setting ?
Where do you connect your headphones? Into speakers ?

NikSystems SpecialistCommented:
Are these USB headphones?
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