I want to export Active Directory users from a global group.

I want to export Active Directory users from a global group can you please suggest me how to export a list of domain users from a global group to a text or excel file.
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007kumarAuthor Commented:
Thank you Tiras,

   but I am not looking for a script here. In active directory there are other methods by which we can export a list of users from a global group and universal group can you please refer to that and update me

I agree with Tiras - the second link he posted includes a section on LDIFDE, which is a Microsoft Support Tool which allows you to export Active Directory objects to a text file. This is a command line executable, not a script.

If you prefer to load the output in Excel you could use an alternative tool from the support tools called CSVDE.EXE, which exports to CSV format. This can easily be opened in Excel.


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007kumarAuthor Commented:
There is another option friends .. for example you can select the active directory group and then select properties and there will be some option to export the users into a file.

I forgot that procedure if any one has any idea
What attributes do you need to export? Is it just the names?

Export the list
To export the list, you must highlight the Users container in the right pane, and right-mouse click to select Export List... as shown below.  (Note the changed column headings that are displayed matches the above table.)

You will then be prompted to specify the location, filename and file type for this exported list.  It is recommended that you save directly to the PLGV folder under C:\Program Files\CMS Praetor G2.  Be sure to choose to save the file in the comma delimited CSV format as shown.

The exported CSV will include many entries that are not relevant to PLGV and only those entries with valid email addresses are significant.  For example, you will likely find entries with a Type value of "Security Group - Global" or "Security Group - Domain Local", but there are also "User" entries that are not relevant that have no email address such as those for built-in accounts for various processes or applications.  

All the entries without any email address need to be deleted and the "Description" field needs to be replaced with a temporary password.  If you want to make the temporary password different for each user, then you can manually do this by importing the CSV file into Microsoft Excel.  

Courtesy: http://www.cmsconnect.com/praetor/webhelpg2/Chapter_7_-_Log_Viewer/AD_export_users.htm#Export_the_list

Faraz H. Khan
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