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I have a server that has UltraVNC on it.
Somehow the service was stopped.

I have Administrator rights and can map the C$ drive so I can see the vnc executable...

However...when I try and run it it tries running on the machine I'm on...not the other machine

Is there a way to execute that on the remote server?
I really don't want to have to go in to the office over the holidays just to start this service.
Larry Bristersr. DeveloperAsked:
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, telnet is not a default service that runs.  If you have no other remote access type services running looks like you'll be making a trip into the office.
What other access methods do you have to the server? RDP, telnet, ssh, something else?

You can't execute a program on a remote server by mapping a drive from it.
Larry Bristersr. DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Terminal services are not running.
Not sure about that a default install for a Win Server 2003?
Just a suggestion, if you want this service to be up all the time you may want to create a simple batch file that runs every so often that verifies that the service is started.  If it not started, it then tries to start it.

I would also include a counter function so that if restarting it fails a couple times in a row, you don't keep trying to start it over and over.  You could even have the script send you e-mail.

Now, there could be free process monitors that do this for you already, but I have not checked.
Larry Bristersr. DeveloperAuthor Commented:
  I used to be the IT Manager there but now just do consulting work for them.

Their new Network guy apparently doesn't know how and won't ask for help

When something goes wrong I remote in and work on the Legacy system...unless this happens.

As soon as I can "get in" I'm going to set this stuff up.
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