Can I burn to a "virtual" DVD (ISO file)?

I have Ashampoo Burning Studio 9 that I use to burn video files to DVDs, playable on a home DVD player. I have Windows 7. Is it in some way possible for me to trick Windows into seeing a DVD drive with a blank DVD in it (I'm thinking along the lines of a mounted ISO file), and then burning to the ISO? *I realize that many programs allow a person to rip from a DVD or CD to an ISO--this is not what I want to do. I think I'm looking for a DVD emulator, if such a thing exists.* Thank you in advance for any help.
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nicholasjwolfAuthor Commented:
I just discovered that the feature I wanted in Burning Studio 9 is "Create a Disc Image from a Project". Instead of processing the video files and burning to a DVD, the video files are processed and saved as an ISO to burn later. Thank you, senad, for your ideas.
I am not sure what exactly are you trying to do here....
If you are looking for a software that will 'clone' your DVD and store it
on your hard drive (or a virtual drive) from where you will be able to
play it or burn it later to your empty DVD then I suggest you use
Slysoft tools for the occasion.I find them to be the best.
Since you can not copy an original  DVD on the fly without removing the protection first,
you must use a tool that will remove the protection.So you need to use Anydvd tool:
Then when you have ripped the DVD you can use CloneDVD to write it to your DVD:
As for the virtual drive and burning to it you can use also Alcohol 120% :
It is top of the class !
Nero (  and
UltraISO ( also support what you need.
These are top programes for the job so pick your choice.
There are of course others but these are no. 1 .
UltraISO and Alcohol actually allow you to create as many virtual drives as you want to.
Burning to an Alcohol virtual drive produces an .mds/.mdf file while UltraISO burns an *.iso file.
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