Is there a market for OLD computer and printer parts?

Is there a market for OLD computer and printer parts?

I have a lot of parts for computer and printers that are going on 20 years old.  Like Okidata and Epson (and others) printheads, mainboards  etc etc (even some Atari stuff) . Does anyone know of anyone or any place that might be interested?  E-Bay is of course an option but Ive not had any luck going that route in the past with old parts and units and would rather sell or donate it all at once instead of one piece at a time.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I must clear them out and do not want to throw them away. i.e. send to recycle.
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I try to turn to live again an old pc installing on it Suse 11.2. Now it works fine and is used on a culture's house on a small County.
TrystenProgrammerAuthor Commented:
What I have is the parts for old printers and stuff not computers. I have even have parts for a Burnelli box.  Lots of parts for HP, Okidata, Epson etc.
TrystenProgrammerAuthor Commented:
In the early 1980s, Iomega introduced the Bernoulli Box, which was the first high-capacity, removable disk for personal computers.
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drop off at weirdstuff if they'll take it weirdstuff warehouse in san jose
These should get you headed in the right direction:

Buy-sell-trade forum

has a bunch of links also:

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Stuff like that sells but only select items are worth much and it's a long time between good sales.
Most of those old dot-matrix printers can be had complete at good-will for $5 or less.
If you want to milk it for all it's worth get a website/store-site and list it for sale.
[It might be a 2 or 3 year project.]
If you want it out of your way fast then most of it should just go to the recyclers.
TrystenProgrammerAuthor Commented:
Thanks to all of you. Especially to you Coral47. The links were just what I was looking for!
Thank you much.    : )
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