How to post variables to remote url

I want to post variables to remote php script
for instance

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aboo_sConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Allright man keep it cool, I'm sorry to have bothered you, have a nice life!
read this tutorial it has the answer for you
MaranellasAuthor Commented:
Did you even read my question or not???? I need it for java not for php.I need to post java variables to remote url!!!
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Sorry man, but this was your question:

How to post variables to remote url?
Question:  I want to post variables to remote php script?

Now where exactly does it say "java variables"  ? forgive me for I can't read well ,ah..!
Now you want to post java variables use:

window.document.location.href = ''+javariable;

I hope now I got u right!
MaranellasAuthor Commented:
oh my good are mental?It says category JAVA.And i'm not asking for javascript.I'm asking for java code

something like this

String variable1="somevar";

URL url = new URL("" + variable1);

But it didn't worked so far so i need right answer.
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