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I have a Windows 7 machine that I plan on P to Ving somehow into Virtual box.  I also have an Ubuntu machine running under VMWare Fusion.  I have no idea how/if I can convert that machine to be used under virtualbox.  Advice on either one would be greatly appreciated.

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WolfhereConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So you take the vmware converter (which is free...just register to download) and convert your windows machine HD to a VMDK. Set up the new HD in Virtualbox Disk Manager. Do not install the Guest additions. You can then delete two files in the System32 directory. Intelppm.sys and agp440.sys. And shut down the guest.

Using the Virtualbox Disk Manager, add a second blank drive (VDI) for the same size (or allow to grow) as the vmdk. Configure your VM to boot from your Ubuntu Live CD, Primary master is the vmdk and your new blank HD as secondary.

Run the trial Ubuntu on bootup. You can run gparted to check the partitions on your virtual machine. More than likely, you vmdk is sda1 and your vdi is sda2. Now open a terminal and type: sudo dd if=/dev/sda1 of=/dev/sda2 (replacing the sda#'s for whichever is appropriate for what gparted showed you). When all finished copying everything from vmdk to the vdi, shut down the virtual machine. Remove the livecd and change the order for boot (removing the vmdk drive) to the vdi as primary master and putting your cdrom second.

In this way, you do not have to do the convert to raw then raw back again to vdi. Now with the guest booted, you can install the Guest Additions.
give this a try:


(convert physical to vmware, import into virtualbox)

Same should be possible with the virtual machine from vmware fusion, since it's the same vmware disk format.

WolfhereConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PS. You can do the same for your Ubuntu box, but you must remove the vmware tools from the guest before installing the guest additions.
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