how to install /configure my vps for be a socks5 server

hi ...
i have a Windows 2003 VPS , i want to install/configure that for becoming as a sock5/sock4 server , after this i'm able to connect to server via socks service in my programs ,
i was searched the forum but still i can't see anything ,
i need that socks server have some abilities like NTTAC or IBSNG for VPN CLIENTS , i mean i can add users and/or making that private !

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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well, you need to install a Sock server that is V5 compliant.  Some that you may want to look at:

arianonlineAuthor Commented:
i need that to have full functional abilities , for example then i can connect my ICQ with that , i mean for example for  ICQ  which really requires full Socks5 or a complicated mess of UDP port mapping.
how can i do this?!!! :(
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