Dynamic Web TWAIN


Can I use Dynamic Web TWAIN with ms access?
Is it good activeX twain?
Can i scan multi images via auto feeder scans?
Mohammad Alsolaimanapplication programmerAsked:
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thenelsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
To scan into Access, I use the free irfanview (www.irfanview.com) to run the scanner.

You could scan the images to a gif file using irfanview from the command line (see irfanview's help file Command Line Options) so you can scan the file calling irfanview with the Shell Function.  Then you can use my Imbedded Image Demo (www.thenelson.name/#ImbededImageDemo) or Linked Images Demo (www.thenelson.name/#LinkedImagesDemo) to imbed or link the images to Access.

Or you can scan using irfanview saving the image to the clipboard.  Then programmatically set focus to the OLE object frame and paste the image using RunCommand acCmdPaste.  While easier, it will store the 72 dpi images using about 250 kB each.
Mohammad Alsolaimanapplication programmerAuthor Commented:
i was still need an answer about Dynamic Web TWAIN
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