CRC errors installing games from DVD on new PC

I have a brand new PC ( which is giving me CRC errors whenever I try to install games from DVD.
System spec :
OS = Windows 7 Home Premium
Motherboard = Gigabyte MA790X-UD3P
Video = ATI Radion HD 4890 - 1GB

Tried to install the following games, all brand new genuine disks.
Crysis Maximum Edition
The Witcher
NeverWinter Nights
Boulders Gate 2
Stalker etc etc

What I have tried so far:
Workaround for Crysis :
A) Copy all files from DVD to a different PC  (in my case an XP laptop) this worked fine
B) Copy all files from XP Laptop to USB HDD (ok)
C) Copy all files from USB HDD to PC HDD
D) Install from PC HDD - worked 100% no errors.

Same workaround tried for stalker which worked OK Other games detect that the files and DVD are different location and copy protection kicks in preventing install.

Tech steps - Updated DVD Firmware - update ran ok but no effect on this problem.

Error mesages as follows:
CRC: error: the file C:\Program Files (x86)\ The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data\cs_sex_celina1.bik doesn't match the file in the setups .cab file. The medium from which you are running the setup may be corrupted; contact your software vendor.

Oddly I have a slightly different problem with the second and third Crysis disks:
Runtime error in install: Cannot open file "C:\Users\Tom\AppData\Local\Temp\mia4\languagesselection.dfm". The system cannot find the file specified

I have spent most of Christmas sorting this out and I think I now need some technical assistance in order to reslve this. I have found references to changing the DVD to PIO but I can't find the option under Windows 7

Some observations: Not all cab files affected.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated

Martin CourtneyTeaching AssistantAsked:
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Recommend you return it to Overclockers or get them to send you a replacement drive
You already know another drive can read the disks OK so it's either a hardware fault or problem with Windows interfacing with the drive.
You shouldn't have to fix this with a new PC (although a firmware update would have been the first thing I'd have gone for too!)
Overclockers have a good reputation for support & you shouldn't really have a problem getting the replacement.
Martin CourtneyTeaching AssistantAuthor Commented:
I have returned the defective DVD drive to Overclockers. I was a bit miffed to be doing so on a brand new unit. Hopefully they will replace the unit and we can get on with using the machine.

Martin CourtneyTeaching AssistantAuthor Commented:
Hopefully I will get the service I expect from the vendor and this will resolve the problem.
Martin CourtneyTeaching AssistantAuthor Commented:
The following received from Overclockers: - Not impressed

The product CD-099-LG on RMAXXXXXX has been returned to you, this will be sent on a new order with order number XXXXXXX

Here is the technicians Test Report:

"reads and writes cd's with no issues"

Overclockers UK - Support
Telephone:- 0871 910 910 2

Martin CourtneyTeaching AssistantAuthor Commented:
I am going to open a new question under general hardware - I also had the same problem installing Norton Internet Security 2010.
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