citrix port 80

We have Citrix presentation server 4.0
If the Citrix Secure Gateway and the Web Interface are connecting through 443. Is it okay to connect from the outside using standard
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The Secure Gateway needs an SSL certificate, so you'll need to connect over HTTPS rather than HTTP to encrypt traffic from the local computer to the Secure Gateway.
cnmgtAuthor Commented:
Hmmm well, I guess I'm in a bad spot. I'm submitted a ticket title "443 access to citrix and owa" that explain my bigger problem. Perhaps you can help me with it.
cnmgtAuthor Commented:
I do have a certificate applied to the Secure Gateway but the Citrix tech removed it from IIS. He said I didn't need it. Now when you try to use my citrix A record or our OWA A record mail. they both go to the same server instead of where they're suppose to.
Carl WebsterCommented:
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