How do you search for files larger than 2GB using Windows 7?

In Windows XP and 2000 you could search based on file size being greater or smaller than [x] Kb, but if you're looking for a file in Windows 7 based on anything other than finding a word in the file name or inside the file itself, the only option I've been able to find is what 7 calls "adding a search filter" such as in the diagram below which is, in my opinion, a wee bit limited.

I've been using the CoMmanD line to do 2/3 of all my file searches in Windows 7. Say you want to find every PDF in all the subfolders without listing every document that happens to have the letters PDF in the filename or anywhere inside the file itself. CMD is a life saver in such circumstances. However there's nothing in the DIR command to limit file results (maybe SP1 of Windows 7 will include a switch like /SIZE>2000MB).

I'm probably just going to end up using WinDirStat, but seriously shouldn't you (still) be able to do this in Windows Explorer?
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You have to manually type it in. Click on the search and the size and type:
size: >2 GB
See the screenshot:
Here are some more tips for searching. They were created for Vista but most work on Windows 7 as well.....

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John GriffithConsultantCommented:
Hi -
Add the Search feature to the right-click context menu.  When you go to search, note that a drop-down menu is present.  Click on size - select size.
John GriffithConsultantCommented:
p.s.  It does work for Windows 7 - I tested it on both Windows 7 x86 & x64
In W7 you can also search depending on the file size using windows exlorer
(adding a search filter 'size') :
I guess it wasn't clear to the other experts when the asker posted his question and when I posted the answer.
He was asking specifically: "...shouldn't you (still) be able to do this in Windows Explorer?..."  to which I posted that all he had to do was to click on the search field (the same one depicted on senad's screenshot) and instead of selecting "Gigantic" which only offers "Greater than 128MB" to type in:  size: >2 GB
This is the answer to the title question on how to search for files greater than 2GB: "..How do you search for files larger than 2GB using Windows 7?..."
I usually try to avoid stepping on other experts toes when they are answering a question, first because I find it confuses the asker and second because I find it rude and unethical to say the same thing someone has already said in order to gain some points. I do not post unless I have something new or different to help the asker.
Well said but I doubt it will help much :>
johngerityAuthor Commented:
OK what's even more awesome than the fact that this totally worked is that you pointed out something that drives me insane here, as well as Yahoo Answers, and many other places. SO MANY PEOPLE only half-read questions and respond with the most obvious press-F-1-bullcrap and expect points for that. This time I even included a picture of what I was trying to avoid, and someone else sent me a picture of the exact same thing saying "have you tried this?" So thanks for the info, as well as the security of knowing that I am in fact not crazy. XD
I appreciate your kind words johngerity and centerv.
Thank you for the points johngerity.... you took your time to post your pictures and question with exactly what you wanted I could do no less than oblige. Unfortunately you had to witness my lashing out at a "points" fisher.....
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