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I have Everest CRM software tied to a SQL 2005 Database.  I want to rebuild the indexes from the application but it tells me i do not have exclusive access to the database and that SERVER-SERVER is logged in (that being the actual server name of course).  I do not know alot about SQL or if there is a command i can run in SQL to do the same thing.  Any ideas?

Cody VanceSr. Analyst - ERPAsked:
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James_JnrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you need to rebuild the indexes on SQL 2005 I would suggest that you do it via SQL Server Managament Studio rather than through your application. I don't know much about th CRM software so I'mnot sure what it would be trying to run in the background. If you are the DBA or in charge of the database server I would suggest having a look at the article below about setting up a regular index rebuilding maintenance job. This can then run independently in the background.

This shows breifly how to setup a job for specific indexes but the maintenance plan wizard in SSMS is quite straight forward.


Cody VanceSr. Analyst - ERPAuthor Commented:
The DBA was worried that the Rebuild Indexes function in the application is different the the rebuild indexes in SQL.  I told them it would do the same thing would you agree?
Faiga DiegelConnect With a Mentor Sr Database EngineerCommented:
Rebuilding indexes on SQL 2000 does not have the online option. Plan on doing this during off peak hours.

In addition to James' suggestion, here is a sample of command (SQL 2000 vs SQL 2005):


And some tips when you rebuilt indexes:

Read before you do the actual rebuilding of your indexes.
Faiga DiegelSr Database EngineerCommented:
As long as it executes the command DBCC DBREINDEX -- then it is the same. Though since it is inside the application, you do not have the control of what's being reindex. It might be reindex of all the your tables -- who knows.
Cody VanceSr. Analyst - ERPAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.
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