loading text file with fopen - single and double quotes need to be encoded?

Hi I have simple text file that I am loading with fopen() but when I do the single and double quotes are change to odd looking characters. I recognize the problem as URL encoding but nothing seems to work. What am I missing?
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try this one.

 $line_of_text = preg_replace("/'/","’",$file_handle);
can i see the text file and ur code. if possible.
waffeAuthor Commented:
Here you go:
****PHP code that loads the text file and converts each line into an element in an array and then displays a random line.*************

	$file_handle = fopen("http://dev.my.com/mod/my_theme/views/default/my1_pages/slogans.txt", "r") or die ("Unable to open file!");

	$counter = 0;
	while (!feof($file_handle)) {
		$line_of_text = fgets($file_handle);
		$sloganArray[$counter] = $line_of_text;
	$randomNum = rand(1, 63);
	print $sloganArray[$randomNum];

********the text I am opening***********
Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I feel like my1 
Id walk a mile for my1 
my1  99 99/100 % pure 
With a name like my1&it has to be good 
Is it live, or is it my1? 
my1&so easy a caveman can do it. 
I want my1 
Nothing outlasts my1. It keeps going and going and going& 
Like a good neighbor, my1 is there. 
Maybe shes born with it, maybe its my1 
Youve come a long way, my1 
The my1 of champions 
my1  good to the last video 
my1&its GRE-A-A-A-T!! 
Wouldnt you like to be my1, too? 
I wish I were on my1, then everyone would be in love with me. 
Nothing beats a great pair of my1s 
The Greatest my1 on Earth 
They my1 when you cook em. 
I am stuck on my1, and my1s stuck on me! 
my1  dont leave home without it 
Its not your fathers my1 

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waffeAuthor Commented:
Its actually the apostrophe that is loading wired and the above lines of text show the problem. ^
waffeAuthor Commented:
ok got it - it was not an apostrophe, or at least one on my keyboard. so I selected and do a search & replace with a normal apostrophe and all is well.

waffeAuthor Commented:
ah - that works too :)
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