Sharepoint (MOSS 2007, WSS 3.0) NLB using ISA server

Hi there.
Does somebody know how can I create a new web application using ISA NLB feature in the Central Administration?
I have found this fine article but I cannot understand how can I do it step-by-step.

Until now I have created high availability solution just using windows server NLB on the two web front-end servers (WFE) (INTERNET -- Windows NLB -- WFE01, WFE02). Successfully. In this case you can forward user requests to the Virtual NLB IP address (VIP). This VIP has DNS record in the DNS server for example intranet.wss.local. You can then create web application where you define in the Host Header field intranet.wss.local. When the web application is created on both WFE servers exist web sites in the IIS server. NLB can handle the load to both WFE. AAM are also set correctly.

Now imagine this scenario:

ISA server has the ability to load balance requests to the WFE servers separately using two IP addresses - not VIP. What settings should I put in the Create a New Web Application site so the ISA server could distribute the requests among two WFE?

Thank you for the answer. It will help a lot. Feel free to ask a anything you need to solve this.

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Ted BouskillConnect With a Mentor Senior Software DeveloperCommented:
The problem is that you have to have a 'Default URL' that maps to the external DNS name.  Create the web application using that external DNS name (modify a local host file on your computer to verify the site is working)

Then add two internal URL's in AAM for the new web server using the WFE server names and a unique port.  Those internal URL's will resolve to the 'Default URL' so basically they because listener's to route traffic.  Be sure to add that unique port to each WFE server

IE: - The web application default URL

WFE1:8001 - Internal URL to route to WFE1 which will map to as the Default URL
WFE2:8001 - Internal URL to route to WFE2 which will map to as the Default URL

Then using WFE1:8001 and WFE2:8001 as targets for ISA and they will be converted by AAM to

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