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USB - The system cannot find the file specified

My client is running a Windows 2008 standard OS.  We have several 1TB USB external drives attached for backup.  (We're using Acronis v10, but I don't think that's relevant).  The last drive (Toshiba) was installed on 19 December, and after installing Acronis' "Snapapi.setup" driver updater, all was well.....for about 4 days.....

Now, EVERY time I try to run the backup, it fails with the message, "The system cannot find the file specified."

More info:  I don't think this is an Acronis issue....
1.  When I go into the Disk Management mmc, I see the USB listed as "unknown / uniitialized"  A box comes up saying, "You must initialize the disk".  Attempting to initialize the disk also results in the "The system cannot find the file specified" error.
2. Strangely, the drive is listed in My Computer, but is still showing files I have tried to delete.
3.  Trying to Format the drive results in nothing happening.
4.  For the first 4 days, I *did* notice that every time the backup ran, Windows displayed the message, "installing new drivers" for the USB drive.

I've seen this issue bouncing around Google for Vista, but have not been able to find an answer yet.

Please help!  :)

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Ady FootSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
I'm afraid to say that it very much sounds like the USB hard disk is broken.  Is it possible to try it in another machine?  If you get the same symptoms you have your answer.  Hopefully the drive is still in warranty?


jgutmanAuthor Commented:
The drive works fine on other machines... It's not broken.  I reinitialized and reformated it on a different machine and put it back on the windows 2008.  It -looked- ok but now I'm getting an error "the media is write protected" when clearly it's not.... There isn't even a write protect switch on the USB drive.  It's not permissions as I cannot change permissions at all because of the "medias write protected" error
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Is the drive Password-protected-

Saw this thread   http://forums.techarena.in/vista-hardware-devices/1239270.htm - It is a fairly new discussion going on. If that's the problem then boot into XP & remove the protection.


jgutmanAuthor Commented:
HI.  Does not appear to password protected.  The odd thing is I put the drive on another system and it works fine.  I simply went out and bought a replacement for the 2008 server.  It works fine.  I put this "suspect" Toshiba drive on another machine and it is working fine there.

Go figure.....

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