Rebooting VMware 4.0 Hosts in an HA Cluster

I have changed the service console memory to 800mb and have to restart each of my four hosts.I understand that I need to put each of my host in maintenance mode before each restart.  Do I have to manually migrate my VMs off or does that happen automatically once I go into maintenance mode?
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Paul SolovyovskyConnect With a Mentor Senior IT AdvisorCommented:
If you have DRS enabled on the cluster it will ask you if you would like to vacate the ESX host before you place into maintenance mode.  It will do it for you.  Once it's in maintenance mode you can reboot safely.
65tdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the host is restarted (not put in maintenance mode), the HA will restart the vm's on the other host if the vm's are configured for that.
japplewhaiteAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help
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