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How to fade a video clip in Adobe Flash CS4?

I have a .mov video file I've encoded into a .flv format and imported into the Flash library.  I've placed an instance on the stage.  How can I make the video, while it is playing, fade out?  I've played around with all the tweening capabilities and it seems I can only get it to fade out if I convert it to a "movie" symbol and create a tween, changing the alpha from 100 to 0 at the end of the tween.  That works fine, but the video does not play during the fade.  The video does not actually play during the fade out, just the first frame is displayed throughout the fade.  In actuality a new instance of the video movie symbol is added to the stage, rather than implementing the fade at some point in the middle of the original video on the stage.  Any help is MOST welcome.
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1 Solution
A tween works. How are you doing it? You may be doing it wrongly.

Please tell me how are you loading the video first, embeded video, loaded video or what?

Please say in detail.

I tried all of them and they work, you may be doing it wrongly though.
You could place a rectangular shape *above* (higher layer) the video in the timeline, and make it the *exact* dimensions of the movie playback window, and position it precisely over the video so that it obscures the video.

Then, when you need to fade, bring the alpha of that rectangle up to 100. Make it a white rectangle if you want to fade to white, or a black one to fade to black.

If your video has sound you will also need to lower the volume of the sound to maintain the illusion that the video is fading out.
Actually I don't think the illusion is needed, fading videos work perfectly in Flash, I believe the asker just didn't do it properly.
HarmonyClaireAuthor Commented:
This is an excellent solution because it is very flexible.  Regarding whether it can work natively without such a technique, I've tried it over and over with all different kinds of configurations.

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