Unalble to browse Internet with IE nor Firefox

Wife had fallen to an email that indicated a friend had a comment on a picture on her facebook page. Immediately InternetSecurity 2010 started popping up. I was able to remove this offender.

Taskmanager was disabled, but I've fixed that

Malwarebytes found and cleaned several types of problems; adware.starware, hijack.wallpaper, hijack.diplayprperties.

However, I am still battling two issues;
1. Popup window labeled Symantec Email Proxy, "Symantec Email Proxy cannot scan your email messages because your network is not properly configured."
2. Can't browse the interenet.

Ipconfig /all indicates I'm getting an address. I can ping www.yahoo.com. Two things occur that are odd. There is an audible ding when the ping has hit the far end, then the command window displays the four lines indicating successful reach to the far end. The other odd item I notice is the characters following yahoo.com.

Looking for assistance for either or both my problems. Thanks.

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Those funny characters tell you that winsock is messed up.
Try winsock fix http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/WinSockFix-Download-15337.html

You may have to uninstall and reinstall Symantec and run winsock fix before and after.

>>>>>Create a System Restore Point first
Jakob DigranesSenior ConsultantCommented:
check for Proxy settings in Internet Explorer (Tools - options - connections) / Firefox (tools - options/preferences - advanced - network)

and then download and install SuperAntiSpyWare, update and run scan
run malvarebytes in safe mode (Press F8 during boot)
run SuperAntiSpyware in safe mode
Run all scans in normal mode until they both come up without infections - this might take 5 - 6 scans
jh11Author Commented:
No proxy settings set in either browser.

I'll attempt scans in safe mode. It'll take a good bit of time, however.
jh11Author Commented:

Optoma, looks like I'm half way there. Winsockfix did the trick for browsing. IE isn't working, but Firefox is.

jakob di, picked up SuperAntiSpyware and ran it after Mlawarebytes. It picked up a few more cookies.

Next, I will endeavor to upgrade IE and hopefully it will operate without issue. I'll report back on Monday.
Symantec may have to be reinstalled.
Also try resetting IE settings if upgrade has issue.
(Lsp fix maybe required)
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