Windows 7 XP mode problems with USB devices

I have a new installation of Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and I have downloaded and installed the XP mode option (i.e. XP in a virtual machine).
When I 1st installed the XP VM I was able to attach to my various USB devices from within the VM and use them OK via the USB menu within the VM.
Now for some reason I cannot get any of them to work, they are still visible on the USB menu with options to "attach" but selecting any of them does nothing.
I am not aware of any changes to my system which would affect this.
Any thoughts appreciated.
Cheers Ian
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Check in your system management console under disk management to see if they get a letter (in XP mode)
idheathAuthor Commented:
The devices aren't disk drives, the one I'm specifically interested in is a USB connection to a FreeView reciever (Topfield 5800PVR), this uses an XP driver (not supported in W7, hence the need to do it this way).
Wierd thing is that it was working fine but isn't now :-(
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Troubleshooting step 1 is always "What has changed?"

Something has to have happened.  It could be anything, big or small. A crash, driver update, etc.

Can you think of anything?
Reinstall vmware tools, if it worked before, no reason for it to stop working
idheathAuthor Commented:
I sorted it by uninstalling/reinstalling the Topfield USB drivers and haven't had a problem since.
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