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I have long been accustomed to using Excel 2003, and I've been laboring to get used to 2007 at work.  I really don't like the ribbon, and I'm sorry they did such a major redesign of the reliable and capable drop-down menu.  
I am trying to figure out how to place form elements in an Excel worksheet, and none of the menus seem to provide this most basic function.  As an experiment, I created a simple button in 2003 and opened the file in 2007; and my button both opened and performed the desired function when I pushed it.  From that experiment, I surmise that the capability of creating buttons, text boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, etc. in 2007 must exist, I just can't find it.
Best, ~Peter Ferber
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAsked:
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You need to turn on the developer ribbon, (I know it's lame)... click on the file ribbon (or hit the flag), and select Excel Options
then on the right hand side select popular, then the third checkbox down you will see "show the developer toolbar in ribbon" or something like that.
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
Lame is the word!  (Excel, not you.)
Best, ~Peter
PeterFrbWeb development, Java scripting, Python TrainingAuthor Commented:
Yes, that's right, lame though it be.
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