Lotus Notes 6.5 and Excel Problem

Dear all,

I am currently experiencing a problem. A client sends and Excel file to me (.xls) via email. From Lotus Notes 6.5, i will double click on the file and click on open to open it. Usually it will open without any problem. However recently, when i open, the file using the mentioned method, Excel opens but does not display the file and on the Lotus Notes Client i see an Error Message that says 'Unable to locate program'.

The next thing i did was to save the open and double click on it to open. But still Excel opens without displaying any worksheet. The only way i can view the worksheet is by opening Excel first and then clicking on File -> Open to locate the file i downloaded to my laptop.

I tried reinstalling my Office XP but still the same problem occurs. May i know what is causing this? Is it Lotus Notes or Excel's problem? Is there a possiblity that my laptop is infected by virus?

Please advise.

Thanks to all in advance! Cheers!

Best Regards,
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Try: Open Excel, go to Tools->Options->General and under 'settings', make sure "Ignore other applications" is not checked.
If the above doesn't work, then check below link:
Gapseudo081Author Commented:
Thanks alot Madheeswar!!
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