Get access violation message when loading software with exe files.

I've searched the solutions and can't find anything that has helped so: When trying to load software with exe files I get a message saying Access violation at address 7C84C421 Read of address 01349D78 I've tried many other suggested solutions . . rebooting, downloading the exe file again, etc. and nothing has helped. Any suggestions?
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CAR141Author Commented:
Forgot to mention this happens with more than one exe file and exe files such as Belarc advisor, getright.exe, hjsplit.exe work with no problems.
can you be more specific on your problem, what exactly are you doing, just downloading an application and trying to run it? using a code to run it?
CAR141Author Commented:
Just downloading an application and trying to run it.
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What happens if you download and try to run them in Safe Mode.

To boot into Safe Mode - reboot the pc and repeatedly tap the f8 key.

Choose safe mode with networking and redownload one of the files.  You may malware that is corrupting any the files.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Select the File you download >> right click for Properties >> Click Unblock Button. Does it help?

You can try opening the file with "Run as Administrator" if you get the option by Right click or in the File Properties Dialog Box, though I think it applies only to Vista or higher versions of Windows.


Try installing the latest DirectX .
Otherwise , access violation means that the program tried to read or write a memory that does not belong to the program. It is a very general error, and impossible to tell the exact cause.
The cause can be an incorrectly written program (not very likely in your case, as it seems to happen with different exes), or memory corruption, or download corruption. Did you never have any problem with other downloaded files (documents that could not be opened) on that pc? I did get that sometimes, and it was caused by using a bad download manager.
Another question: is it each time the same address violation, independant of the executable?
BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations ManagerCommented:

It sounds like a Virus or Malware. My advice at this point would be to scan for malware:
Follow this procedure to the will prevent further frustrations if you do have malware:

1.Go into Safe Mode with networking by pressing F8 while booting your computer.
2.Then go to this website and download this program: MalwareBytes Anti Malware:
3.Before download..Important: Rename MalwareBytes before saving its files to the desktop as malware can recognize the name and block it unless renamed.
4.While still in Safe Mode, Go to Start-Run and type: Msconfig
5.Once in the Msconfig application, go to the "Services Tab" and select:"hide all Microsoft services" select the remaining and disable".
6.Then go to the Startup Tab and disable ALL entries there as well. Close the window. You will get a prompt to Reboot..allow it.
7.After the system boots go into NORMAL will give you a warning regarding the changes made by msconfig: Select do not warn me again.
8. Now you can run the anti-Malware application your renamed and saved on your desktop above.
9.If viruses, spyware, malware, etc. are found allow the program to clean them.
If the problem persists...go to  and follow the instructions.

Keep me posted on your progress.....

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Those access violation errors are Windows operating system errors. Windows spits these errors out when a program accesses memory outside of it's allocated address space. This can happen because a program has a serious bug, or because the exe file is corrupt.

Or, in a worst case scenario, because the operating system itself is corrupt. This may be due to "wear and tear" on the OS, or because of malware. One of the reasons several experts jump to malware as a possible explanation is because of the very nature of such malware. Often times malware injects it's code into memory areas reserved for the operating system, and replace OS functionality. This can seriously compromise other application's ability to address memory properly. That being said, you will see errors like this.

A good test would be to copy the program in question to a flash drive and test it on another PC. If you still get the same errors on a different PC, the download is probably corrupt. Try downloading the file from a different website, mirror or using another browser / download manager. Sometimes the vendors just upload corrupt files to their websites.
BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations ManagerCommented:
Some feedback would be helpful before you start getting flooded with all kinds of advice and answers that most likely confuse you and lead you to make changes to your system that probably will not be needed.
Follow my advice...scan for malware first. This will do no extra harm that is not already done an will allow us to rule out the variables.
CAR141Author Commented:
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner but so you all know:
The software I am having problems with is Orbit Downloader to be used in Firefox which I've heard can be a problem although it was working until last weekend. There were two other software exe files I tried running and had the same problem but to different addresses. One of these was a backup software program and I don't recall the other. I have deleted both of them. I suppose I should also just forget Orbit downloader but had wanted to try it because it is supposed to let you schedule downloads which my ISP will like since I can schedule during off peak hours.
I have tried just about all you all suggested.

Running in safe mode didn't help.
Unblock didn't help.
Latest DirectX didn't help
Possibly it is incorrectly written program since there was an update -- but I'm surprised no one else is complaining on their forums.
I did the Malwarebytes thing. It found two items and they were deleted but it didn't help with the problem I'm having.
I have downloaded the software from several different sites including CNET and have the same problem no matter from where it is downloaded.
I am going to run a StopZilla scan for malware and see what happens.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
There is nothing wrong with orbit downloader. I am using it. Works perfect.

Windows+R key will bring up the run dialog box. enter "sfc /scannow" without quotes. Hit ok. This will start the system file checker utility which will find and fix corrupt windows system files for you. You will need your windows Cd in case the utility asks for it.

BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations ManagerCommented:
If you continue to have problems after running MalwareBytes... you still might have a root kit installed.
Download Hitman Pro from cnet : and scan your system again.
"...Hitman Pro 3 will reveal in a few minutes if your PC is infected with malicious software. Without the need to install monitoring software, the unique behavioral scan in Hitman Pro 3 will quickly identify possible malware using heuristics and by correlating numerous facts and activities. Such as file origin, entropy, authenticode certification, visibility, and network connections. It even uses public search engines to learn about new threats (security gossip). ..."
BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations ManagerCommented:
After scanning for rootkits.... follow grtraders advise: you might have some corrupt or missing Windows files.
CAR141Author Commented:
Ran sfc /scannow and it found nothing -- at least it ran all the way through and then shut off and that was it so I suppose that means if found nothing.

Ran Hitman pro and it found no malware or anything else.

I did try updating StopZilla which uses an msi file to reload its software. I got a message that msiexec.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Sfc should not quit abruptly and reboot the system. Thats a clear sign of malware which is getting smarter these days and modifies files as soon as they are downloaded from the Internet.

The first thing I would do is Backup all my Data to a safe place and then deal with malware infection as suggested by bitsbytesandmore.

Other articles worth reading / helping in malware removal-

And post your details as a new question in spyware zone.

CAR141Author Commented:
What does sfc usually do after it completes its scan? It did not reboot my system it just endeded without any report or window or whatever it is supposed to do saying whether or not it found a file problem.
BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations ManagerCommented:
When no problem is found it will not give you any feedback. You still might have rootkits and/or other malware. The behavior is very typical. I cannot look up some more links from my BB tonight but will touch base with you tomorrow after I review carefully your feedback.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Bits is right. If it did not quit abruptly and you rebooted the system, then no problem with windows system files. I misunderstood what you wrote. But Rootkits are a very special breed of malware (extremely sophisticated) that go undetected. So let bits give you some links regarding rootkit removal, I am a bit of novice in that area, sorry.

BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations ManagerCommented:
Rootkits are very good at hiding under the operating system and sometimes you will need to scan with more than one detector in order to find them. Try several of these to make sure they are all out:

These malware/virus/spyware/rootkit removal programs are very aggressive and sometimes, in order to remove the rootkits they end up crippling Windows.
If the system continues to malfunction after the above procedure, you might need to do a repair install..... it will replace damaged Windows files and registry entries. It is supposed to not damage or delete your data and programs..... but don't forget.....some programs may already be damaged and may need to be reinstalled.
Use this link from Microsoft to guide yourself on how to do it safely:
In your current scenario, If I were you, I would backup the data and wipe out the machine completely (to the point of even creating new partitions - this is so you can have an idea of how good the rootkits can hide), but it won't hurt to use this opportunity to try to remove them and gather some experience even if later you decide to wipe out the machine.
If you need more help....don't hesitate to ask.
Keep me posted.....
BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations ManagerCommented:
By the way.... I can't find if ever mentioned it: did you run combofix as I suggested above?
CAR141Author Commented:
Okay, here's what I've done since last report.
I used Bits suggestion of 12/28 at 6:46 am but rather than malwarebytes I used StopZilla since I had already purchased it some time ago. I did the whole bit: Safe Mode, changed name before downloading, Msconfig and hide all services, disable all startup, reboot in Normal ran the StopZilla application with the name I had changed it to, scanned everything. It found 4 things it had marked as low threat. Removed those.  I rebooted, downloaded Orbit downloader again from CNET and ran it with no problems -- no msiexec.exe messages. Then I removed StopZilla, downloaded the file without changing the name, enabled all in msconfig startup and services, rebooted. Reloaded StopZilla using the file without the changed name and it ran okay. So now I'm doing another scan and then will report back.
BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations ManagerCommented:
You do know that MalwareBytes is free? Along with Combofix it is considered one of the best around...
CAR141Author Commented:
My antivirus antispyware firewall has been zone alarm for a long time. There are so many it is hard to tell which to get and perhaps I should make a change any suggestions?).  I like StopZilla because two or three years ago I had a major problem and they were able to solve it as they seem to have done with this one. They are easy to contact and My SZ isn't annual but lifetime so since I have paid for it . . . I can't really blame them on this one getting into my computer since I had SZ turned off because I thought there might be a confloct between it and zone alarm.  Other than do what you recommended I haven't looked at MalwareBytes but thought it was free for a while and then requires payment.  Thanks for your suggestions and help on this. Everything seems okay but I will be a little nervous for a while.
BitsBytesandMoreNetwork Operations ManagerCommented:
Don't get me wrong.... I mean.... you can keep using StopZilla if you are confortable with it. This is ok and as you mentioned, there are so many out there and one is good for one thing and the other is good for another thing that the first one misses.
I was reffering to use MalwareBytes just for the express purpose of this repair .... It's not free if you want to use it for Active Protection. This is what I meant.
Well, in any case I'm glad that your system is behaving correctly now.......
CAR141Author Commented:
I followed these exact solution instructions and then did the same except used a different anti-Malware software, since different ones seem capable of finding different problems. The scan from the second one I tried found the malware but the this was the solution that worked.  
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