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Is data encription absolutely necessary? Important user data like userid and password would not be retrievable. Is the trouble worthwhile? Please advise. Thanks.
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well, the idea of Data Encryption is to use it when its a must, meaning that the Data is very sensitive like a User Password to a site, Credit Card Information and more, never say that "password would not be retrievable", if you would pay me for the times i heard on hacks to people saying that .... i would be a rich man :-)
Data Encryption is necessary for important data like business related, money related, confidential and other that client want this secret of his business.
To store data in encryption formats in database their are many ways.
using encryption key and coded data.
Passwords should not be stored in either encrypted or unencrypted form that can be retrieved. Instead you should always hash the password using a secure hash algorithm like MD5 or SHA1. That way the password cannot be recovered. Password recovery creates unnecessary risks of disclosure and will probably fail a good security audit.

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ksfokAuthor Commented:
What would you say about ASP.NET 2.0's role/membership management using encription?
If you are talking about encryption of passwords then the disadvantages are the same for any password encryption scheme. I suggest you securely hash the password unless password retrieval is a requirement for your system, though many people do regard password retrieval as bad practice.
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