Lost User Id and Password for Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition

I have just purchased and configured (I thought) a new bottom end server machine with Windows Server 2003 standard edition. During the configuration sequence I don't remember being asked for a user Id, though I do remember being asked for a password. All of the software was pre-loaded by the manufacturer so I didn't have to use any of the CD's they provided, I just did the configuration. Well it did it's final re-boot after being configured and now wants to know my user id and password. Is there any way I can recover from this without doing a complete re-install from the CD's?
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You say you remember being asked for a password? Try username as administrator and your password first. If that doesnt work it may be simpler to just reinstall from CD.

download and burn password reset cd image. boot your server up with it and then clear administartor
password. then you can set a new password for administrator
Glen KnightCommented:
As already said if you rememer being asked fir a password then the default username will be administrator with the password you gave.

If that's no good then download the Ultimate Boot CD for windows: http://www.ubcd4win.com/

and set the administrator password to blank <null> and then restart and logn using Administrator and no password.

You will also find lots if other handy utilities on the UBCD
Rob4077Author Commented:
Hi everyone, thanks for your suggestions. The answer was that administrator was the user id. As soon as I used that and my password I made it in. Points go to jeff 01 because he was first in with the solution, but thanks to all of you for your input
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