Cannot read avi file from pendrive


I'm trying to play an avi file from a pendrive (FAT32) however I get an error in Windows Classic Player: "cannot render the file".

The same file plays fine from the local hard disk.

Any clues why this happens? I tried the pendrive on another pc and a dvd player - same problem.

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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, that's what I would do. If that doesn't help, start to consider a faulty/corrupted pendrive.

I remember there have also been lots of cases where pendrive vendors sold "pimped up" pendrives that reported to have far more space than they physically had. These drives generally aren't much use. I also remember that I once came across a tool which could detect the real capacities of such drives, but I'm not sure if I'll manage to find it again.
I usually get that error with Media Player Classic when a file is truncated/incomplete.
Could it be the file is larger than 4 GB? Then you may have hit the FAT32 file size limit, and it wasn't completely copied over.

Some things you could try:
- check if VLC is able to render the file
- delete and recopy
- create a checksum of the file on HDD, and compare it to the sum of the copied file. Are they identical?
- reformat the pendrive / run chckdisk on it
RassacAuthor Commented:
Well, the files are around 750mb. I checked the file size on my HDD and on my pendrive and they are identical. I tried VLC as well but not luck. Also deleted and re-copied the file.

How do I run a checksum please? Do I need a specific software?

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I attached a free checksum tool for Windows. It's from this Sourceforge project:
I only removed all the source code files. There is a version for 32x and 64x bit Windows.
It's not extremely intuitive; use MD5 or SHA1, run it on both versions of a file, copy the first checksum to the clipboard, then enter it in the second list box, and let the tool compare for you.
If there is the tiniest "bit" of difference between those files, the checksum will show.
RassacAuthor Commented:
Files seem to be Ok... I ran check disk and half way through I got the error message: "unable to continue disk check". Does that mean I have to re-format?
I found the tool: h2testw
Download it from here:

Please make sure to read the Readme file before using it (on a formatted pendrive), and please do *not* use it on any other drives, especially not your system drive.
If yours is a fake pendrive, this should be detected.
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