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My computer is infected with virus so I cannot get into windows and I'm trying to reisntall the windows. I have went into boot menu and change startup option to CD-ROM so I can install the windows from there on but when I did that my system is NOT recognising the cd rom at all.

Can some one tell me is there any way around for re-installing the windows on my PC?
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If it comes down to you needing to, here's a decent site on making a bootable usb drive.

Also, all of the above about checking Boot Device order in bios are good suggestions but you can also get to the Boot Device selection menu during system startup. This allows for a temporary selection without messing with bios settings.
Which key depends on the system but getting to the Boot Device menu is usually F8, F10, or F12 during startup. Just try pressing those repeatedly while the system boots up. If you do get the Boot Device menu then just select CD-ROM.
Had you inserted a valid disk in cd-rom? ( preferably windows disc)
Sometimes the message - press any key to boot from CD - disappears too quickly to see. As soon as the bios screen appears start tapping the spacebar. This should get you to the setup screen. If you have two CD/DVD drives though, you may have to use the other one. Only one will be available as a boot device.

Chris B
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I guess this CD might not be a bootable disk. Hence book with other version like Windows CE and then install the Windows XP/Vista
Check on the bios settings and set as priority bootable on cd/dvd, turn off bootable network agent and save it.
press F12 and choose cd/dvd and put the CD/DVD. if still not recognize, there may have problem with your cd/dvd writer on your laptop.

other way, is running on USB however you need to create image on USB first.
It's extra work, but you can potentially go online and locate the XP Boot Floppy disks and create them. Then you can put the cd in your cd-rom drive and boot from the set of floppy disks. Once they reach the end of the last floppy disk, the system will switch to the cd to finish installing.
ube100Author Commented:

My machhine doesn't have floppy drive? Can I do this with USB? If so can you send me a link where I can do this from please.
first thing frst...As koreansuper said,
Can you see your CDROM device from your bios setup screen? if you can, check the boot sequence. set the CDROM as the first boot device.
did you change the boot priority in the bios?   accessed most of the time with Del, F2 or F10

can you test :

-if the cd is bootable on another PC
-if your cd drive boots from a bootable cd, like  :
-you can also replace the cd drive for testing
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