Blank emails received in Outlook 2007

When I look at emails that I have just received in both the InBox and the Delete Folder, the only thing visible are hyperlinks and the subject line. The body of the text is not visible. I have tried most of the suggested solutions, ie disabling AVG Free email scanning, reinstalling AVG Free, changing Mail Format/Stationery to Arial, creating a new Outlook profile, running Scanpst.ext. But still all I see in these emails, some of which I think I could read previously, are hyperlinks. No text. I have run out of ideas? Any thoughts? I would class myself as a beginner/intermediate.
Thanks for help.
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GoodHotelGuideConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

I solved this issue in the end, but it reveals all too clearly the limitations of my computer knowledge. The solution was this:

1. Go to Tools/Options/Mail format/Stationery and Fonts.
2. Select Font under the option Composing and Reading Plain Text messages
3. Change Font colour to Automatic
4. Select Ok

As so often, it is the simplest solution that works, but it took me several hours to get there.
Hmm, can you check to see the current file size of the PST file? I think there is a file size limitation of 2gb if im not mistaken.
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