Bridged or Nat in ESX 3.5

I was wondering if someone can clarify if the "bridged or Nat" exists on VMWare ESX 3.5? It's my understanding that in ESX you create NIC's and then assign them to Network or VLANS. So I don't know how "bridged or Nat" comes into play here.  
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ESX dont use the term bridge but it uses vSwitch, bridge and switch is very much alike, basically a switch being a bridge with many ports
In ESX a single or multiple physical NICs can be assigned to a vSwitch creating a virtual switch for all VMs & port groups to connect to

esx dont have NAT services, but you could use physical NAT device(eg. physical cisco router) or soft NAT device a VM that is created on the esx host itself and installed with specific routing/firewall OS(eg. Smoothwall or IPCop) and VMs must use the existing vSwitch to reach the NAT device
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Does either of these help?...
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Bridged or NAT comes in with the local network of the VMs.  If you use NAT, the vmware host creates it's own local network using a DHCP and 192.x.x.x address range.  For bridged, it's like it's connected to the same network the host is connected to and you can use DHCP/static/vlans/etc.  
llaravaAuthor Commented:
I know but that is part of VMWare workstation. I haven't seen this as part of VMWare ESX
ESX doesn't offer any DHCP services built-in; it just sets up a network card.
If you want to set up some NAT/DHCP services on ESX, you have to provide those services.  Happily, there's a free and pretty easy way to do it.

This blog post provides pretty good instructions for setting up Smoothwall to do just this.

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DOH!  So please just ignore all my comments then.  Sorry about that.  Though I'd try to answer since I messed up DOH shows up again.
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