How can I find password protected folders in windows server

is there a way or a tool that one can list all the password protected folders  (by domain users) in a system? we are trying to move data to new hardware and want to avoid problems with password protected folders that will interrupt the process.

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There are tools to show permisions, like Hyena.
In your situation I would make an Image of whole disk - I prefer Snapshot, tiny program that will make a virtual disk (file) to map latter. It will clone disk with all permissions.
Hello. Maybe you dont need any tool. Just set and propagate to subcontainers the ownership and security permissions in the folders to move.

In the root folder open properties, security tab, advanced button. In the windows that opens go fist to Owner tab to set the ownership (check the Replace owner on subcontainers... checkmark). It may take a while to finish. Then click ok all the way back. Open properties again, security tab, advanced button, this time Permissions tab. Set full control to Everyone.

Let me know if you need more detailed explanations.
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