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I have a program call Office Mate that has a shared data folder on the server.  When a client computer attempts to run the program locally, with the data being pointed to the server, we get a permissions error.  It says you do not have the necessary permissions to use the O:\data\conversion.mdb object.  I have confirmed the data folder as well as this file has the correct permissions.  All domain users have full privileges.  This is a new install for the server and client computers.  If I sign on to a client computer as a administrator then the program works welll, but if signed on as a normal user then we get the error.  the program is installed on each client on the C drive with the data being pointed to the data folder on the server through a mapped drive.  I have called the company and support is no help.  Thanks
Butch SmithAsked:
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Vaidas911Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Make "everyone" full permissions on both share and file permisions (two places to check). It might be that software runs as different user.
Butch SmithAuthor Commented:
running sbs 2008 and xp pro on the clients
you should check share and file permisions of the shared database and setup full permissions for everyone just to test it
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Butch SmithAuthor Commented:
The folder containing the data is shared and domain users have full access
Rob WilliamsCommented:
Both full share and security/NTFS permissions?
Without running the program can the users simply access the folder O:\data\ and write to it by creating a simple text file?
If you are able to access the database file on the network by using the local administrator on the machines then the problem appears to be a permission issue on the workstation not the server.  To test this give Everyone full control to the install of the client on the local C drive.
Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
SBS 2008 uses wizards for creating shares for users. It is best to use these to set up the folders whenever possible. To do so go to the SBS management console | Shared Folders and web Sites |  Shared Folders | Add a shared folder

I assume the users are logged in to the PC using a domain account and not a local account, and the PC's have been properly joined to the domain using the http://connect  wizard.
Have you made sure that the permissions are not inherited?  
Butch SmithAuthor Commented:
got it, thanks for all your help.
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