Exchange 2003 Relay Problems

I recently moved my Exchange 2003 setup from one office to another and at the same time went to a frontend / backend setup with servers in two locations. I have done this before and didn't have any problems getting it setup.

Now my problem is that the new frontend server is getting hammered with spam and I can't stop it. I have blocked ip's and subnets and done everything I can think of and it just keeps coming. At one point there were over 1000 email queues open on the server and all I can do is freeze them and delete the queued email.

Can someone please help me block the relaying and still allow external mail in? I have done this in the past but can't seem to get the settings right this time.

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Stacy SpearPresident/Principal ConsultantCommented:
You shouldn't have relaying enabled at all in this scenario.
You need to verify how email is getting in.
What relay settings have you enabled? If the system isn't setup correctly then it can seem you have to enable relaying to allow email to come in, which isn't the case.

Start with my spam cleanup article here:

You may have to cut the server off from the Internet while you clean it up. Then go over your configuration carefully. If you have a setting that you "need" to have in place with regards to relaying for email to work, then that can be an indication that recipient policies isn't configured correctly or that SMTP isn't configured correctly on the new system. If all that you have done is added a frontend server then it would tend to point to the new server being the cause.

LoneAdminAuthor Commented:
I got the problem corrected. I didn't need relaying enabled and didn't have the SMTP Connector built for the zone. Going from one server to 3 with a frontend/backend setup required an SMTP connector be built.

Thanks for jump starting my brain.
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