Combine two different sharepoint farms

I have two different SharePoint farms, Farm1 which contains site collection site1 and Farm2 which contains site collection Site2.  I have been requested to combine the two farms as the figure shows.

I need to do the combination without using stsadm -o export and stsadm -o import.  (I have spent hundreds of hours applying service packs, fixing lists, correcting sp errors and I am unable to successfully export.  Additionally even if export did work, when I import it breaks all of the lookup column field because SP stores them as GUIDS.  So, it renders all of the sub-web collections unusable.)

Is there someway to manually move the content DB from Site1 over to Site2 and somehow attach it to Site2?  This way I can have


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zephyr_hex (Megan)Connect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
no.  you can't manually move content from one db to another, and in the process have one site collection become a subsite of another site collection.

and it seems to me that your picture is doing more than moving two farms into one.  you CAN move a sharepoint instance from one farm to another farm.  the issue is the association of site1 and site2.  moving sharepoint from two farms to one farm does not make one sharepoint "site" a subsite of the other.

you can split or merge content databases, but this process has nothing to do with which content is associated with a site collection.

if you read the section on merging, you'll see that you can have more than one site collection in a content db, and merging data from one site collection into the content db of another site collection does not then make that content part of the other site collection.  they are still two separate sites.

you can take the MDF from one farm and move it to the other farm (process: )

to get one sharepoint instance to be a subsite of another sharepoint instance, you need to migrate or move the content itself... via export & import, or, perhaps these other ideas:
Just a headsup, you need to make sure that the same features are installed on both farms, just checking the service packs and version is not enough to get a succesful export/import.

What Zephyr mentions pretty much sums up what you need to do. I would still chose the export/import route, with includeusersecurity.
TedgClAuthor Commented:
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