HD Video converting and burning from my hdv .mts files plz help!!

Ok, so i went on a vacation and brought hd camera with me which records in avchd .mts format. i want to burn these streams directly to dvd+r dl discs as a dvd video so i can play it on my dvd player. i want all these files to be hd and original streams no quality loss because i want to show my dad how good this camera is(canon Vixia HF20). i dont know if to convert or put it in dvd or what................. i need a software or if possible a step by step guide to do this(recommended). note: i dont care how many discs it needs, i got a lot.
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dhaval33Author Commented:
no problems any more i found a way!! a software called imagemixer came with my camcorder and it provided me with the solution
If you want to be able to play your DVDs on a standard DVD player, you have no choice but to convert the video to standard definition MPEG2 format.  A standard DVD player will not play high definition video.

If you want to play your videos in High Definition, then you would need to make DVDs that will work on a Blu-ray DVD player, And, of course, you will need a Blu-ray DVD player to play them.  

Let me know how you intend to play your DVDs for your dad, and I will try to provide more help.

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